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India. Jodhpur, Rajasthan. 2010. Blue City.
Photographed by Steve McCurry


when ppl say “chai tea” do they know they’re saying tea twice 

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Artist: UnknownChildish Gambino
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  • baby: d-d-d..
  • dad: daddy? are you trying to say daddy?
  • baby: D I C K S Q U A D
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im laughin at this dumb cup but the coffee is so good
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While a liquid soap dispenser is very convenient, a good old solid bar of soap is a much ‘greener’ option, as it’s more concentrated and doesn’t require a plastic bottle. But squishy, wet soap bars next to the basin are a pain, and they harbour bacteria too. So, what to do? Young designer Nathalie Stämpfli has come up with a very satisfactory solution with her Soap Flakes soap holder. It takes an ordinary bar of soap, and shaves off tiny soap flakes every time you want to wash your hands.
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Flower market finds: tiny Daisies wrapped up in a field full of newspapers. 
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Great White Shark | Carcharodon carcharias
(by cathm2)
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